Born the only child of parents who expected nothing less than excellence, Chike Lindsay spent the earlier part of his life as his only rival. It is the kind of environment that can cause complacency in some, and inspire greatness in others. Chike first began training martial arts at the age of 12 years old as the only child allowed among a small band of skilled and driven men. Throughout his early martial arts career he amassed numerous tournament wins and trained side by side with some of the most extraordinary young martial artists in his hometown of Atlanta, GA. When greatness becomes commonplace there are men that chose to pursue a quest for something more. No longer his only rival, Chike decided to become his biggest one. In 2003 Chike began training Muay Thai and in less than 5 months of training he became the USMTA Southeastern Muay Thai Champion –his first of many amateur titles. 3 Years, 20 fights and 5 National Championship Titles later, Chike made his professional debut in extremely dominant fashion and never looked back. He blazed through the ranks of the Muay Thai super-welterweight division. Fighting mostly in Las Vegas and California where the stiffest competition resides, Chike won his first Pro title shortly after his debut. His trainer Khunpon had vacated the WKA North American Super-welterweight Title upon his retirement years ago and Chike won it back against Mukai Moromo to keep the championship in the family. He later on went to defeat Muay Thai legend Matee “Dragon Leg” Jedeepatik for the IMTO World Super-welterweight Title. Numerous victories thereafter paved the way to a WBC International Muay Thai title fight against Muay Thai superstar Malaipet “the Diamond” Sasiprapa. Defeating Malaipet, however has only inspired Chike to keep looking forward and strengthened his drive to dominate the sport even more.
“…Because as a fighter you should never be satisfied. If you’re good you should strive to be the best, and if you’re the best you should strive to be the best there ever was. All I can do is keep fighting —keep growing, one punch at a time.” –Chike
  • WBC Super Welterweight International Title (PRO)
  • IMTO Super Welterweight World Title (PRO)
  • WKA Super Welterweight North American Title (PRO)
  • ISKA Welterweight North American Title (AM)
  • WKA Welterweight North American Title (AM)
  • WKA Welterweight Eastern Title (AM)
  • USMTA Welterweight Southeastern Title (AM)
  • 2006 WKA North American Muay Thai Champion (AM)

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